We stand for open minds.

We question. We challenge. We take a walk around the issue to look at it from every side. We avoid the expected. Take nothing for granted. And encourage our clients to come along for the ride. Because open minds create the space for bigger ideas, bolder thinking, approaches you never would have dreamed of, but wonder now how you ever did without.

We do this because we want to give our clients the very best of our thinking. To stretch and push and to never be satisfied with good enough. Because we love what we do, and we want our clients to share that same passion, to get the same buzz we get when we know we’ve created something amazing together.

We take nothing for granted, and give our everything to our clients.

Our Principles


It’s not a battle of wills. Or us vs. them. We always – always – appreciate what our clients are going through. Empathizing with their challenges, putting ourselves in their shoes and understanding what keeps them up at night. We like it when they can sleep well.


We believe in having the courage to let go of the reins. To challenge our own expectations and those of our clients. To push ideas farther than we imagined they could possibly go. Because that’s where you find inspired answers.


When you’re true to your values, you can stand behind your work with absolute conviction. When you open the lines of communication with your clients, you create trusted relationships. When you’re honest with yourself, you’re never satisfied until you get it right.

If it requires creative thinking, we can do just about anything.

What We Do


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Our People

Paul Ratchford, Principal and Director of Digital Strategy

Paul is a Principal and Co-Founder of Clear Space where he directs all digital projects, user experience design, and also leads business development for the firm. Paul is driven by a strong belief in the emotional and persuasive powers of design. For Paul, good creative is the key to attracting, engaging, and compelling people to interact with a brand. He loves to help his clients harness the vast potential of technology to achieve their business goals.

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Will Hum, Principal and Creative Director

Will is a Principal and Co-Founder of Clear Space, where he leads the strategic vision and creative direction for the firm. He is passionate about building great teams and driving his clients’ brands forward with creativity and fresh insights. Will is an advocate for smart and simple ideas that make a big impact while always keeping the business needs and goals of his clients in sight.

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Michelle Matsui, Account Manager

Left brain, right brain. Michelle has both sides covered. She keeps our projects running at peak performance, overseeing the studio while serving as the point person for our clients. Outside of the office, Michelle is also a practicing artist and has participated in art & design fairs in Canada and the U.S. She brings both her analytical and creative mind to every project along with extensive experience managing assignments ranging from brand development to marketing campaigns for a wide range of industries.

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Korneliusz Izbinski, Designer

Korneliusz has a knack for producing imaginative creative solutions to any design challenge posed to him. After graduating from George Brown School of Design, he joined Clear Space where he has since applied his formidable talents to a broad range of projects encompassing print and digital media for a diverse roster of clients. When he isn’t designing, Korneliusz enjoys exercising his other creative muscles through interests such as screen printing, playing guitar and composing music.

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Michelle Wu, Designer

A keen designer with a unique sense of flair, Michelle brings a fresh and enthusiastic approach to every project she tackles. After graduating from the York/Sheridan design program, she honed her skills working in studios in Toronto and Chicago on diverse projects ranging from fashion to technology to not-for-profit. A self-described chronic hobbyist, Michelle is inspired by creativity in all of its forms, which is reflected in the versatile thinking she contributes to every project for our clients.

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Jack Liang, Associate Writer

An accomplished writer with a diverse background, Jack brings to the team a keen ability to merge strategic thinking, creative concept development and effective communication. His breadth of experience includes writing for a wide range of assignments from corporate communications to marketing campaigns to brand development. Jack loves it when words and ideas can inspire, stick with you, and turn on those little lights in the unused parts of your brain.

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